Know More About Kishore Pratim Biswas

Kishore says…”The watercolor was my favorite medium in my college life. I did a lot of watercolor painting on the City of Joy in KOLKATA”.

Posted on AUGUST 15, 2021

Every day, Kishore used to go in the public place to do the painting…in the place like Esplanade tram depot, Chowringhee, Part Street, New Market and his obviously my favourite place ULTALDANGA Steam Locomotive Workshop.

In the 80’s He did a series of water colour painting on Indian Steam Locomotives. But unfortunately it was not displayed… Finally it was a source of inspiration of the series which is displaying now…

Primarily Kishore started the painting in watercolor medium. Gradually, he switched to Acrylic on canvas. Today, he stands on a solid intellectual platform and his work reflects a unique streak, where color is of great importance, and form happens to be only incidental. He uses lot of texture in the canvas as well as. Experimental methods to add the finishing touch to his meticulous paintings. Kishore is also an expert in acrylic, watercolor, mix media, charcoal, and soft pastels.

Still Kishore says…”I love watercolor… I will do a series watercolor painting on Kolkata and Mumbai in future”

Whether it’s about showcasing of early 70’s Indian railways or celebrating the nostalgia of Indian steam locomotives…

Posted on AUGUST 15, 2021

It’s a idiosyncratic collections on the series of paintings on steam locomotives by Kishore Pratim Biswas, who is a most popular contemporary Indian artist. Each paintings are representing the daily life of the Indian steam locomotive workshop
in 70’s Indian Railways.

Kishore Pratim Biswas was born in 1971 in Kolkata city of joy. His work has been shown in several solo and group exhibitions in Indian and aboard. The artist skillfully combines several versatile techniques. He experiments with different painting styles to continuously improve his skills.

Kishore said “Indian Steam Locomotives had a unusual character which is reflected in my paintings. The colors of the engine was mostly black and gray, the body looks too muddy, dusty and unclean which made the surface a unique look. I never find such an amazing character ever in the world. I liked the ineffable ambient of white steam and black engine which is a dramatic visual experience for me. I was crazy, love to do live painting on watercolor, oil, pen and ink sketch of that.

For me, it’s a fantasy of the Indian steam locomotives, which doesn’t alive now. In the morning usually I went to locomotives workshop for sketching. Early 90’s, the day was vary sad to me, I saw the engines were disassembled and sending to scrap, since as the steam locomotives was out of date in India. It was shocking experience to me ever before. I was crying, I couldn’t finish the series of painting on Indian Steam Locomotives…”

Every painting have a unique group of locomotives workers which reflects that artist had a close observation of people of Indian Railways of 70’s. Kishore said “I captured the movement of people likes; fireman, signalman, technical man, drivers and other worker from the locomotives workshops. My paintings have always a deep expression of the characters, the faces are beard and too black with a red pagri which looks very unusual.

Some times, I rode in the engine with the driver… It was remarkable experience. I saw the way of their working style from a close view. The engine was always very hot and they work for long time in there… still they had smiley face”

It’s a glimpse into the lives the fantasy of 70’s Indian railways.

“I’m happy because when I look in the canvas, I don’t compare that to others. Not anymore. I don’t compare the way I look, the way I feel, the work that I do. I don’t compare my level of happiness. I don’t compare my achievements. Because I spent years doing that… Years, comparing myself to everyone else… Nothing makes you feel more miserable than measuring yourself up to someone else and finding yourself lacking.”… Kishore

Artist always sells their emotion, I sell the NOSTALGIA…

Posted on AUGUST 14, 2021

“Although many would argue that mood is the most important factor in creating art, I think is true”. Always, artist have a soft and sweet soul, which doesn’t match with others. They live in their own world… says Kishore…

so much more than Before, and so much After, too…

Meet Kishore Pratim Biswas, India’s upcoming independent artist, having 25-years of journey in modern contemporary art movement has not only strengthened his unconventional thought process, but architected his painting style too.

Today Kishore has his own studio in Mumbai. Kishore started by primarily painting in water colors. But his talent knew no bounds. Gradually, he switched to painting Acrylic on canvas. Today, he stands on a solid intellectual platform and his work reflects a unique streak, where color is of great importance, and form happens to be only incidental. He uses the texture in the canvas as well as experimental methods to add the finishing touch to his meticulous paintings. Kishore is also an expert in acrylic, oil, watercolor, mix media, charcoal, and soft pastels.

Born in Kolkata, 44 year-old Kishore was passionate about art since childhood. After graduating in Fine Arts from Government College of Art & Craft, Calcutta, 1997. Kishore spent some struggling years in his hometown and then moved to Mumbai in 2009.

Kishore says “The artist always sells their emotion… so, experience it.. feel it… and believe it… you fall in… nostalgia of
Indian steam locomotives…

Yes, nostalgic itself have emotional memories of our early days, which we never forget, always carrying with our subconscious mind, which is being with us for ever… That exciting memories always make us happy… and emotional…”

“Here, I am selling the NOSTALGIA… this is a story about the Nostalgia of Indian Steam Locomotives… Presently, there is no alive steam locomotive around us. That might have seen in the museum or other places as an antic. The idea is to represent those locomotives to the new generation through my paintings.” Kishore says…